Welcome to St Joseph’s School Website.

St Joseph’s is a Catholic Primary School in the inner city Melbourne suburb of Collingwood. It is one of two schools in the Parish of Our Lady of the Southern Cross (Collingwood and Clifton Hill). It has a current enrolment of 172 and we are enriched by the cultures and experiences of students and their families who come from 16 different language backgrounds.

The Staff, Priests and members of the School and Parish Community would like to work with you by sharing their belief in Jesus Christ, their expertise and skills, and their friendship. In doing this we can all help each other to grow in faith, love, knowledge and understanding.

Our Parish school has a very important place in the lives of so many families. All staff members recognise that we have been given an extraordinary privilege which, of course, comes with enormous responsibility. We are called to interact so closely with children in order to give them the very best in care and education. We also know that as teachers in a Catholic School, we are called upon to present the message of Jesus Christ to all that we meet. We endeavour to meet our challenges in an environment where Gospel values and a thirst for excellence are the driving force.

St Joseph’s School is a community of students, teachers and parents working together with the local community to develop a centre for educational excellence which promotes a strong sense of belonging built on personal and communal wellbeing. We are highly committed to a holistic approach to schooling and this means that all school programs must be dynamic and responsive to need. This is why have developed a range of very successful partnerships with other schools, business and community groups and agencies to support the educational, cultural, artistic, social and wellbeing programs we offer.

I am indeed very privileged to lead such a vibrant and diverse community. Please feel free to contact us should you require further information.

Mrs Patricia Taylor

150th Anniversary