Specialist Teaching Programs

Digital Technologies 

St Joseph’s Primary School promotes an approach to Digital Technologies which not only teaches skills but supports students to apply them in a range of areas. Students in Years P-3 have access to iPads and Chromebooks, students in Years 4-6 are supplied with a Chromebook or desktop with our 1:1 program. At St Joseph’s all students have access to Digital Technologies classes through our Specialist Teaching Program. In these sessions students learn to utilise their devices for leaning in the classroom, as well as develop their computational thinking skills integral to their ability to thrive in the 21st century. 


In the Junior years students use programs such as Scratch Jr and Daisy the Dinosaur to develop basics in coding, this leads into the Middle and Senior school where students use Scratch to create their own animations and games. All students have access to and exposure to the Google Suite and in using this they understand and explicitly agree to promote safe environments online. Cybersafety is an important aspect of our program.

Health and Physical Education 

Our school’s Physical Education program promotes both the physical health of our students as well as a holistic approach to health. At St Joseph’s we aim to provide regular opportunities for students to engage in fun physical activities as well as providing opportunities for them to learn about healthy lifestyles. Our PE program is based on the Victorian Curriculum with a focus on fundamental motor skill development, teamwork, self-regulation, and game skills. As well as weekly PE lessons all students are given the opportunity to participate in a multitude of programs; our swimming program runs for all year levels; fortnightly Bluearth sessions; competitive inter-school basketball competitions through Hooptime are offered for Years 3-6; yearly Athletics and Fun Run days; as well as a partnership with SEDA where students are offered regular clinics from training professionals. 

The Arts

At St. Joseph’s Collingwood, we implement a music program that enhances the students’ aural skills. Through singing, body percussion and experimentation with classroom instruments, our students experience and develop a range of the seven musical elements, such as tempo, melody and rhythm. We have a rich variety of instruments (ukuleles, glockenspiels, African drums and more), our students develop a strong skill set in music, and get the opportunity to perform what they have learned annually at our famous ‘Collywood’ concert performance. Our school ensemble also gives the students an opportunity to perform as a band.

Our Music program runs in line with the Victorian Arts Curriculum.


At St. Joseph’s Collingwood, all students particpate in weekly Mandarin lessons. Students are immersed in listening to, viewing and reading Mandarin. The children learn some of the customs and traditions that people share in China. They learn to speak and read Mandarin and practice writing some of the symbols used in Mandarin

Our Mandarin program runs in line with the Victorian Curriculum (Chinese Language) .