Vision Statement

St Joseph’s Catholic School is a dynamic learning community where each person is valued and encouraged. We live the Gospel as we move optimistically into the future.

Mission Statement

As a community we commit to working towards making our vision a reality in the following ways:

As we live the Gospel we will:

  • Partner with our families to nurture our Catholic faith and traditions

  • Express our faith through the experience of prayer, liturgy and social action

  • Share and develop knowledge and understandings of other faiths within our community.

As a dynamic learning community we will:

  • Support an engaging, contemporary, student centred learning environment.

  • Build a creative curriculum that is responsive to the needs of our learners.

  • Encourage a community of reflective learners who are creative, confident problem solvers prepared for the challenges of the future.

As a welcoming, inclusive community we will:

  • Work together to build strong relationships that meet the needs of our students.

  • Provide opportunities for individuals to engage with each other in an authentic way.

  • Work together to foster an awareness and understanding of our culturally rich and diverse school and the wider community.